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These guys are very good. They help my roach infestation. Mwen te gen yon problem ravet lakay la. Yo vini epi yo... more »
Danny, 02/06/19 12:25 PM
Dears. My name is Ernesto Castro.I am the President of the company The Conde Enterprises,inc,radicated in... more »
Ernesto, 01/30/19 12:14 PM
worse bank in Haiti zero in customer services for one year I am waiting for my online banking access code no one can... more »
Gessy Adrien, 01/29/19 4:36 PM
Hi my name is Jose coll owner of Brockton meat market and I would like to have your product at my store thank more »
Jose Coll, 01/02/19 2:37 PM
Bonjour Je voudrais me renseigner sur les différents : avez vous des plaques de BA13, Carreaux de plâtre... more »
Raymond Jn Etienne, 12/21/18 6:34 AM
Je suis Jean Emmanuel Desronceray je vis au Canada mon numero de tell est 4382279431 j ai un compte en gordes mais je... more »
Jean Emmanuel Desronceray, 12/19/18 2:02 PM
e veux un alouer un petit compacteur pour un jour. Pour la journee de demain 14 Decembre 2018. merci de m'envoyer le... more »
Berenice Nelson, 12/13/18 8:41 AM
bonjour j'aimerais savoir s'il y a une horaire en week end svp more »
Soledah Seide, 12/03/18 11:05 AM
Hello guys!!! I just wanna know how my family in Haiti(specially in cap-haitian) can get food from you guys if I live... more »
Marckenson Voltaire, 12/02/18 5:04 PM
Bonjour mwen c yves robert mwen abite USA mwen gen yon account avek nou sa gen anviron 6 ans mwen pliske 80 000 gds... more »
Yves Robert, 11/27/18 12:37 PM
Comment qu'on doit fait un carnet banc,pendant qu'une personne a l'etranger more »
Pierre Stevenson, 10/08/18 6:49 PM
je voulais acheter des cd haitian more »
Petit Mettre, 09/17/18 1:51 PM
j'aimerais savoir combien dois-je payer pour prendre le rendez-vous au CRDV à Pétion-ville en vue de... more »
Berins Garcon, 08/08/18 3:21 PM
Bonjour Monsieur ou Madame, J'aimerais savoir combien dois-je payer pour prendre un rendez-vous pour déposer des... more »
Berins Garcon, 08/08/18 3:17 PM
I used that service for the translation of a certified birth certificate for immigration purposes. It was a fast... more »
Anthony B, 07/30/18 10:53 AM
I sold my house this past spring (2017) using the help of Bruce Balmir. I started working with him when I still wasn't... more »
Robert Lopez, 07/04/18 10:00 AM
I sold my house this past spring (2017) using the help of Bruce Balmir. I started working with him when I still wasn't... more »
Robert Lopez, 07/04/18 9:59 AM
information sur les prix des materiaux de construction more »
Isnel Dor, 05/06/18 2:52 PM
I bought the water purification machine from China. It will arriving 2 weeks later. Can you help me clear customs... more »
Jason, 04/23/18 4:21 AM
SLOW, LIARS AND INCOMPETENTS Last December I took my Jeep Liberty to them in order to do a refinishing all over the... more »
Ivson Souza, 04/13/18 4:14 PM
Good Day i am trying to wire some money to my co-worker, i have his account number, but i need your number to contact... more »
Jeffrey Francis, 03/28/18 3:32 PM
I want to know if you have Insurance it's cover house Port AU Prince in Haiti please let me thank's Yolie Brun. more »
Yolie Brun, 03/21/18 11:44 AM
I want to know if you have Insurance is cover House Port AU Prince Haiti. Please let me know Thank's, Yolie Brun. more »
Yolie Brun, 03/21/18 11:39 AM
phone is (413) 330- 8854. please pastor.I want gave a called soon you can. Thank's Yolie Brun... more »
Yolie Brun, 03/21/18 11:34 AM
Hello, Je voudrais communiquer avec la Directrice Madame. Maseline consernant "Sol" program a Unibank. Veilles me... more »
Gauthier Saintilus, 03/09/18 4:18 PM
Dear Dr. Carre, I am looking for Dr. Antoine Jean who resided at #70 Rue Waag at his family's home. We attended... more »
Marilyn Seide, 01/17/18 9:59 PM
Bonsoir l'organisation food for the hungry veut sollicite des proforma pour des banners d'affichage des dimention... more »
Jean Batard Samuel, 01/09/18 3:04 PM
Dear Olmita, Nice to meet you.My company is Asia Cargo Solution Inc from China. I am the freight forwarder company... more »
Klaus Zeng, 12/26/17 2:37 AM
bonjour. je reviens au nom de samuel, nationalitee haitienne yey je suis resident au mexique. le but de mon courrier a... more »
Samuel, 12/18/17 12:32 PM
Bonsoir, j'aimerais avoir des informations sur: 1- Coût max et min unitaire d'un maillot A col (Maillot... more »
Junior Brevil, 12/07/17 3:53 PM
J'aimerais avoir votre numéro de fax pour vous envoyer une demande de transfert de fonds électronique s.v.p... more »
Domonvil Lafond, 11/07/17 2:18 PM
Good day, dear Larry Alexander, This is Kevin from China, we are factory produing chicken raising equipment in China... more »
Kevin, 09/28/17 3:27 AM
J'aimerais ouvrir un compte.Je veux avoir des information.J'habite en Floride USA. more »
Cindy Leandre, 08/29/17 2:58 PM
J'aimerais avoir mon swift code more »
Yvena Jerome, 08/15/17 4:17 PM
Dear Sir, I an attorney involved in Real Estate in Haiti. I hope that we can collaborate. If I have a client... more »
Charles Point-du-jour, 08/04/17 10:19 PM
Comment reserver chambre prix chambre I jour 3 jours 5 jours 7jours Heure entre heure sortie e more »
Willer Valerus, 07/08/17 11:50 PM
Good day my friend, May i know you usually like to cooperate with which Carrier? I focus on your need a year, i have... more »
Benson, 06/06/17 3:30 AM
Bonjou Sogebank mwen kontan jan ou travay mwen te ouvri kont mwen nan bank saa avan 2010,mwen vle few demand saa se... more »
Colo John-levington, 05/18/17 8:49 AM
Prière de m'etablir un proforma pour defense avant et arriere ARB; pickup Hilux 2017 Merci de votre diligence more »
Prodev, 05/15/17 2:50 PM
Thank you for sending such kind and supportive comments, we certainly appreciate hearing them. Your positive feedback... more »
Max Noel, 05/12/17 1:18 PM
bonsoir, mwen cle konnen fason poum kontwole kont mwen online more »
Romulus Gabrielle Micaise, 04/26/17 1:51 PM
I wanna wish you good luck guys!! God will bless you more. Je suis un licencie en administration touristique realise... more »
Licencie Gerald Laurent, 04/06/17 3:10 PM
Pouvez-vous me faire avoir des modeles de portes en bois ( porte chambre et porte d'entree ) Merci more »
Daniel Perodin, 04/05/17 6:46 PM
SOGEBANK Concours National de Peinture Nom : Junior Laverdure Adresse : #21 Rue Chavannes-Berthé Prolongé Pétion... more »
Junior Laverdure, 04/01/17 8:54 PM
I kind love these guy, They just helped me out big time, even though my computer warranty expired the stood behind... more »
Edna Morgan, 03/28/17 6:08 AM
congatulations to you all for such a great initiative and achievement well needed project in Haiti. way overdue we... more »
Kelly M Abichet, 03/24/17 12:40 PM
I will work with you at Le Marien from here in Santo Domingo. But let me hear from you you have no e-mail here. more »
John Wakefield, 03/18/17 7:57 PM
felicitations fanmim yo.mesi anpil pou bel hotel sa.c moun tankou nou yo kap fe respekte koule nwa sa.espesyalman... more »
Evens, 03/18/17 8:52 AM
Congrats on such a great achievement, not only for the region but also for the whole country. We need to see more... more »
M Bernard, 03/18/17 8:45 AM
Congratulations on the grand opening beautiful hotel more »
Elizabeth Denis, 03/18/17 12:51 AM