Review: Safari Motors S.A., Port-au-Prince Haiti

Ivson Souza - April 13 2018, 4:14 PM


Last December I took my Jeep Liberty to them in order to do a refinishing all over the car. The manager told me it would take 10 working days to finish the service.

After 45 days and dozens of calls and dodgy excuses, they said they finished everything.

I went back there to pick up the car and the manager, Rocky Sainral, wanted me to pay straight away, before even seeing the car. I said I wanted to check whether or not the service was satisfying.

To my surprise, the service was horrible, completely lame. They reassembled lots of parts completely misalligned, the seat belt on the driver's side was not installed, dropped on the floor of the car and some parts were not painted at all.

A back lantern had to be replaced and they installed one of a different colour.

When I complained about it, Rocky Sainral turned on the lights of the car and said "This is not a problem, you see?

The lights are working."

Obviously, when you take your car to an authorised service provider, this is not the kind of service you expect.

Any backyard shack would have done the same despicable service for 10% of the price charged by Safari Motors.

So I said I would not pay until they had done everything properly.

And we started it all over again.

They don't work with baselines, they will never give you a precise date when they will finish the service.

And Rocky never answers calls and always replies messages vaguely.

Finally, after almost one month, they finished it (only because I contacted the owner of the company complaining about everything that happened so far).

I finally payed and left, after being left without the car for more than two months, remembering how much Rocky have lied when he said it would take 10 days to do all the service.

But there were more problems, even after everything was finished.

Given that the car stayed there for more than two months, at some point they had to fill the tires.

The recommended pressure for the Jeep Liberty is 33 psi on each tire. But, incredibly, some stupid punk filled the left front tire with at least 64 psi and the right front tire with at least 50 psi. On the way back home, I noticed that the car was slipping and knocking hard on some slight bumps on the asphalt.

After I parked the car, I saw that the front left tire was ripped all over. I grabbed my pump and saw the absurd pressure that they put on the car. When I contacted Rocky to complain about it, he never replied.

So, this is it. These people are liars, slow, they do a terrible service and they are completely irresponsible.

The tire issue was a matter is security.

But they just don't care.

If you want to buy a car in Haiti, think twice before buying a Jeep. Go to Sunauto instead and buy a Hyundai or a Chevrolet.

You cannot compare the quality of their service to the service of those despicable incompetents from Safari Motors.

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