diesel engine parts plant

Dufeng Hanjiang Putian Fujian China
Putian, China 351111
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We are China Lutong Parts Plant from china http://www.china-lutong.com, which are the leading diesel injection parts manufacturer in China. Our mainly productions likes the Diesel Nozzle, Diesel Plunger, Head Rotor, Delivery Valve, VE Pump Parts, Pencil Nozzle, Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft , Manget Valve , etc.

We are a manufacturer specialist in diesel injection parts for many years. we keep step with the international standard and technics. And we absorb the advanced producing and testing technic . The quality of our products are in the same class with other overseas famous manufacturers but with competitive price.

CTC: daisy
MSN: daisy-chinalutong@hotmail.com
SKYPE : daisy-chinalutong
T: 86-594-3605653F: 86-594-3605652

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