Eben-Ezer Restaurant
Eben-Ezer Bar Reso Pica Pollo -- Yon bon restaurant nan ville Hinche Haiti ki bay bon manje, bon service, bon pri... Vini manje lakay nou...

Rue Paul Eugeune Magloire (En Face Lycee Dumarsais Estime)
Hinche, Haiti
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ENGLISH: Looking for a great Haitian restaurant in Hinche? Visit Eben-Ezer Restaurant. great food, great prices... Come eat with us!

Nan Eben-Ezer Restaurant, Hinche Haiti, nou fe bon manje chak jou, nou bay bon service, Soup Joumou chak Dimanche, Anbiance Musical chak Jeudi soir.

Eben-Ezer Restaurant genyen espace pou ou fe reunion (meeting) pandan n ap sevi w bon manje kreyol.

Le w nan ville Hinche, toujou manje nan Eben-Ezer Restaurant.

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Woody Mwen bwè ti soup joum mwen chak dimanch nan Eben-Ezer restaurant... Bon bagay...
Reply · May 19 at 1:32 PM
Business Review I've been here many times and it is a relatively good restaurant, since one does not find any competition, not to... see more
Reply · May 19 at 1:31 PM
Business Review Very good food at excellent prices. Ice was great and the service was quick. You have not really recommend anyone who... see more
Reply · May 19 at 1:18 PM

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