Talk about Haitian people: The Way They Treat Haitian People in U.S. / U.S. is Hurting Haiti and Haitian People/ ETC...

Online At Haitian Author Dot Com
Columbus, Ohio 43229
(614) 209-0037

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What language Haitian, one or two? Just One: I talk about Haitian Do not Speak French- I talk about how life in U.S. causing Haitian to have bad reputation---I talk about **Haitians Diaspora Leaders,such as Wyclef Jean, for example, are not comfortable to talk publicly about U.S. roles in Haiti: The bad things they doing to Haiti that cause us Haitians to want to leave our country to come to their own. I talk about Human Right Abuses in U.S.- And etc.. http://HaitianAuthor.com/jeanp

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