roco shipping
All shipping needs to Haiti from your door to their door.

1215 EAST 54th St
Brooklyn, New York 11234
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We will bring to Haiti all your shipping needs from your door to their door: Anything that can be shipped, we ship it: Trucks, cars, room set, kitcken set,barrels etc.

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Wolf Blood Mwen minm tou, I had sent 3 Drums last June (2022) and it has been 1 year and no word from no One... see more
Reply · July 07 at 3:12 PM
Marie Jean Louis I sent 2 Bleue Barrels and 2 Black Bins with yellow cover in HAITI SINCE 7/13/2022 now we're on 01/03/2023 almost 6... see more
Reply · January 03 at 11:55 PM
Marie Jean Louis I l live in Queens I sent 2 bleue barrels and 2 black Bins with yellow cover to Haiti not blue bins
Reply · December 28 at 5:10 AM
Marie Jean Louis I live Queens I sent a 2 bleue barrels and 2 bleue Bins with yellow cover I get charged $420.00 for shipping to Haiti... see more
Reply · December 28 at 4:12 AM
Rose Gilles I live in Boston MA April 2, 2022, I sent 2 large boxes, and 3 barrelsm of goods for the amount of 3,000. and I paid... see more
Reply · November 29 at 2:16 PM

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